Hi, Since some of you asked me to say something about me — and that is fair -- to help you better respond, here is a short, quick bio.

I have been a senior scientist and principal architect of Intel corp, as part of my professional life. I studied in Odisha for my schooling (Ganjam, Puri, Cuttack), and at the Indian Inst. of Science for Bachelor's degree in ECE. Then I came to the US with a university scholarship. I hold couple graduate degrees from Univ. of Massachusetts and Univ. of Texas at Austin. I had started a couple Student organizations, one of which is known as SEEDS or Sustainable Economic and Educational Society. That grassroots, purely volunteer-based organization with efforts in multiple spheres exists today since over 22 years ago. This has inspired or transformed many lives including mine -- for the better, I believe. Several fantastic individuals have contributed to its success.

I am also active in the Odia diaspora in such capacities as the Secretary or the President etc. over many years. I am deeply involved in mentoring professors and scholars around the globe and I lead technology committees and conferences for IEEE, and research in the areas of VLSI, Communications, Processor architectures and Validation.

My passion has been to bring a small positive change in the lives of the most needy and perhaps a small change of mind or heart for the powerful or the rich in service of the philosophical goals of a sustainable, equitable, educated, non-corrupt, empathetic, non-predatory society.

My current primary location Chandler, Arizona, USA.

Here are some public, old links on my work:

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