The Rural Mathematics Talent Search Examination (RMTS) is meant to identify and support promising youngsters in rural areas of Orissa and nearby regions of India. Although we continually more successful years since 2005, there are roughly 800 thousand students in class Six in Orissa alone; yet, only a few thousands are cognizant of it and/or able to participate.

Says Prof. S. Mohanty: “Its impact is long-range and it is a peaceful movement that will transform the society in a very positive way. It is a modest way of overhauling the educational system, bringing the underprivileged class into the mainstream, training the potential professionals, researchers and leaders, and inducing a ray of hope and a dream of the future in young boys and girls. Friends, please join the movement and make it grow. It does not cost anything. You have just to spread the words in rural schools in your area so that the teachers encourage class 6 boys and girls to appear the yearly contest held by the Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneswar. The exam will be conducted in a neighboring area. They do not have to go to Bhubaneswar. Why not you provide a young boy/girl from your village to be part of the dream?”

Read more about the RMTS initiative lead by our collaborating institute in India called Institute of Mathematics and Applications and at our (dated) website. or contact our volunteer-coordinator Mr. Sandip Dasverma on how to set up a Talent Exam Center in your area.

There is an effort to reach out to 400,000 students in rural areas and provide the opportunity that RMTS brings. Through SEEDS initiative we have helped penetrate the rural regions and raised scholarships to support the kids selected through the competitions. The map below shows the geographical diversity of rural students who have already directly benefitted from our program by way of scholarships, training, and workshops. The red balloons show the locations of the school or home of the rural students supported.