To                                                                                                                    July 21, 2002

Sri Mangaraj Panda
United Artists Association,

Ganjam town, Ganjam District,

Orissa, India.

Email: [email protected]



Dear Sri Panda:

Re: Your proposal for “Rebuilding  (some) of Ganjam district’s cyclone-devastated schools”


Thank you for sending the above project proposal, for our consideration, which came by way of  our volunteers in Orissa. Its my pleasure to inform you that your proposal has been accepted for funding by SEEDS after due consideration. We would like to fund the project to rebuild four schools this year with a grant of two installments totaling of Rs. 1,98,470- as per your estimates in the proposal. The four elementary schools, unless you negotiate and duely seek a change, are (1) Balarampur, (2) Purunapatna in Chattarpur block, and (3) Baurisahi and (4) M. Patna in Rambha block. We would like to consider the 8/15/2002 as the start date of the project, which means the following schedule for funding and reporting would be applicable:


Sl. No.

Date of Installment & dollar amount

Report due from you



2 Aug 2002      $2100

15 Oct 2002

Site visit by our local volunteer


2 Nov 2002      $2215

15 Feb 2003

Site visit local/external volunteer





SEEDS favors sustainable, equitable and decentralized developmental projects at the grassroots level with no sectarian bias. We hope you will strive to achieve these goals through your project. You will find more information on SEEDS at SEEDS is also involved with several other NGOs in Orissa in funding their projects which may have components similar to yours. Unnayan in Bhubaneswar, Humanity and REACHD in Bolangir, Gopinath Juba Sangha of Alisisasan are examples of NGOs that are already part of SEEDS Network. You may already know them. We would encourage you to network with these and other likeminded NGOs to maximize your effectiveness in implementation of the project as well as in enhancing collective learning in the process.



Rebuilding needs a lot of dedication, time and resources from your team and so we expect about 10% of the budget to be for the expenses or services of your volunteering team. Accountability, fair compensation and transparency are corner stones of rebuilding a society.


We would also like the name of SEEDS and its brief role be mentioned on a simple plaque at each school hoping that it will inspire the students, teachers and parents to help another child or help themselves as a community in the coming days and years. Please ensure the town/village people have sufficient stake and commitment so they will maintain the rebuilt schools for years to come.


We will remit the first installment as soon as we hear from you consenting to the guidelines and conditions mentioned in this letter. On satisfactory progress, we will remit the second and final installment with an eye to your needs on the field. We look forward to a mutually fruitful association going forward.







Priyadarsan Patra, Ph.D.

Chair, SEEDS board-of-directors