Globalisation and a thriving Indian economy have opened up tremendous employment opportunities in retail and service sectors mostly. The opportunities have also brought along a new perspective to the way these jobs are performed and the skills needed.

Interpersonal behaviour, communication, presentation, client handling, business development, computer proficiency and negotiation skills, which were hitherto considered not very important, have now become essential for eligibility. Today, the bare essential job skills at the entry-level have evolved in the forms of handling customers over phones or emails, working effectively in teams, delivering presentations to handling customers tactfully at the floor and all of these with finesse.
But unfortunately today this age is also increasingly marked by economic and social vulnerability for many young people. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates, although youth comprise around 25% of the world’s working-age population, they constitute around 44% of the unemployed.
The ability to communicate effectively in English, professional selling skills, body language, time management, computer-suaveness, and the know-how to gather information and use search engines are some of the marketable skills that are required.
The objective is to proactively bridge the skills gap between what the industry needs and what the youngsters possess. Basic verbal and written communication skills, basic computer skills and a good workplace attitude are prerequisites to landing the best available jobs. Job in any industry requires good Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
A case in point can be the simple telecalling beyond just simply talking requires interpersonal skills, language proficiency, good vocabulary, telephone etiquette and sales skills.
Short course or studying online is a quick fix to do. This will really help those students who are capable of but don't necessarily have the right skills yet. It's not that they lack capability, it just that they do not meet up the as per the industry needs.
Today, soft skills are the most important characteristic for any individual to communicate well and pave the way to success.
There are two interesting websites would be very useful to the people who cannot afford to attend classes or make avail of paid classes. and cover all subjects.
A youth can easily spruce up English by just clicking on various links available on the internet. Open LearningWorld.Com and are suitable to learn Basic English. One can get the learning software downloaded. There are other resources such as Education Without Border for this as well ( The Indian Govt has set up an information portal for such skills training at 
The web portal ( is a part of the government’s Skill India campaign that aims to provide vocational training to 1 crore workers in the next four years.
For retail management skills, offers relevant online classes and as well as in CD form. The same is endorsed by Retailers Association of India.
Computers today are being used for a wide variety of applications across industries. One must acquire all these pre-requisites in order to get any kind of job
There are various short-term or "crash" courses (in communication skills, computers / Internet, etc), which help make students more employable.
Better communications skills make the students more self-confident and that leads to improvements in many aspects of their workplace performance. By being able to communicate among them, employees can resolve issues themselves and so can do their own problem solving. In addition, better communications skills enhance capacity to help solve problems by making suggestions.
For youngsters who want to achieve corporate ladder or interested in moving into a new career, may be wondering what career training they will need to accomplish these goals. Well, as computers become more and more important in most workplaces, computer skills are often the greatest asset a worker can possess and you may be able to get your work done with basic computer know-how, in order to really succeed in the workforce it is important to have some proven computer skills.
Computer skills are a basic fact of life for most workers. Even if you don’t work with computers in order to complete your primary work duties, it is likely that you run into them from time to time. In fact, most jobs, from supermarket management to restaurant service, require basic computer knowledge. By enhancing your computer know-how, you can not only help to make your day go easier at work, but you can actually improve your employability now and for the future. There are courses available online that can teach you the basics and the good part is one doesn’t have to pay or go anywhere, just download or can go through the webpage for learning.
Goodwill Community Foundation’s is a good site offering free courses on basic computers. There are many other good websites such as which covers additional topics like .NET, Java etc. for beginners.
There are plenty of jobs in the retail segment which can provide ample job opportunities for students. Furthermore, international giants opening shops have added to this platter of opportunities. There are a wide range of opportunities with MNCs and fast food chains in the sales and customer care functions. There is a huge demand in sectors such as retail, ITES, insurance, advertising etc and these aptly require the above mentioned skills.
The purchasing power of people/ involvement in every sector has increased, thereby creating opportunities for the growth of this segment. As companies are diversifying in different sectors, a career is definitely a good option for people with good basic English, computer skills etc.
This continuously growing industry and easy access to online study training materials are going to help especially those youth who either wants to make a career out of it or use it as a stepping-stone to another career.

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