COVID19 Initiatives 2021

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We are raising funds to enable our ~50 volunteers to help the neediest among several villages and towns in Odisha during this horrific pandemic/COVID19. They provide provisions, meds, protective items, and critical support! Click for details on our Volunteering and Relief.

Our volunteers need oxygen concentrators and some essential medicines for supporting the community.

One of our most recent initiatives is to raise funds for funding mask-making by small-scale women entrepreneurs. Description: Today we are confronting the pandemic impact of Covid-19 that has engulfed the entire world. Many countries might have “flattened the curve”. But India is yet to reach its peak. We are sure your inside is telling you to do something for those back home.

What can you or we do to help? What is helping us here or anywhere? Social distancing and masks…

In India with such a large population, wearing masks will be an effective method of prevention. In rural areas, the idea of doing it might not appeal to many but a free mask in their hands, we believe, would induce them to use it.
Here is a plan.
We have women who could stitch masks but are unable to sell and distribute them. We know organizations that have facilities to distribute.
So, what is needed is the fund to these women so that the masks they stitch could be distributed free.  A mask costs about Rs. 15.
This is where you and us come to help by supplying the fund. This fund serves two purposes: an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus, and an income for some women in the rural area.

We need your support and donations for these initiatives! (Please leave a note with your donation if you like.)

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