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Odisha has again been hit by serious floods due to late season heavy rains in the upper catchment of Mahanadi and other rivers in North Odisha. Coming close on the heels of ongoing Pandemic and migrants disasters and with the cyclone Amphan having hit parts of North Odisha, people are in a very bad situation. Volunteers and partners of SEEDS are in the field trying to help but the unmet need for relief is too huge for our meagre resources. Therefore we plan to support our volunteers and partner organizations with minimal funding to enable them to move in the worst affected areas and ensure that the poorest of the poor get the relief they deserve and in the worst case bring a few of them any essentials that may be needed. Gramin Sevak Samaj, Sambhvana, Ramadevi Ashram will be taking part in this effort alongside our volunteers. We request your generous donation to enable the enablers.

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