Sustainable Economic and Educational and Development Society




 Promote economic and educational progress and development for the common folks in Orissa , in general in the developing world.


• sustainable (long-term, self-supporting, environmentally non-predatory)

• equitable (fair and just)

• decentralized (grass-root based, bottom-to-top approach)



Started in March 1993, in the wake of starvation death news in Orissa, resulting in an extensive discussion in electronic media. Informally started with the name Kalahandi-Bolangir Initiative by the formation of a group in April 1994, which later became formally SEEDS. Major initiative taken by the then students in 1993.



• Educate ourselves, raise monetary contributions small or big, and share ideas with others.


• Catalytically help development workers (NGOS) and ordinary people to help themselves; work in partnership with them not in the spirit of a funding agency.


• Avoid simple and conventional charity and promote self-reliance by being a facilitator for sustainable development.


• SEEDS volunteer absorbs his/her expenses, so that there is zero overheads.


• Support small-scale grass-roots development projects.


• Hope the small movement grows.


Structure and Operation


• Democratic, egalitarian and non-sectarian


• receive, review, monitor projects; make site visits and stay in touch with NGOs and individuals even after the completion of projects; remain focused on sustainability and long term impacts; network with other groups.


• Form Chapters so as to become locally active and work elsewhere.





District                             NGO                                         Project                                   Goal


Kalahandi            Vanavasi Kalyan Samiti        School teachers, and library      Education in tribal area



Cuttack                Sri Aurobindo SriKshetra      Pump for irrigation, School      Education in tribal area

(Dalijoda)                                                                    building, cyclone


Jagatsingpur,                 Unnayan                       Intervention after super cyclone,    Livelihood security,

Kendrapada                                                         formation of pani panchayat and    promote self-reliance

Puri, Cuttac                                                         SHGs, introduction of microcredit   and sustainability, 

                                                                                                                                              help learn money



Jagatsingpur                     ASRA                        Increase awareness on family              Health education

(Naugan)                                                             planning, nutrition, promote kitchen   and facility in

                                                                            gardens, provide portable x-ray            rural area

                                                                              machine to the Naugan Rural



Ganjam            United Artists Association     Cyclone, repair school, provide better   Improvement in

(Ganjam)                                                               school environment                                   education


Balangir                        REACHD                    Minor LI point, pani panchayat,            Livelihood security

(Baghbahali)                                                       SHG, microcredit,                                   income generation


                                   The Humanity                 Land leveling, food for work,                Livelihood security

(Kandhaichhapar,                                                check dam, water harvesting



Nuapada                         KVP                            Water harvesting, ponds                        Livelihood security


Rayagada                Utkal Khadi Mandal         Supporting schools ,                       Education in tribal area


Sambalpur                     BISWA                       Bamboo plantation, ownership           Livelihood security

(Jhankarbahali)                                                  and sustainability                                for landless people


Gajapati                       SACAL                         Poultry farming training, SHG             Income generation

(Mohana Block)


Mayurbhanj                IMTS                              SHG, cyclone                                   Income generation

(Betnoti Block)

Jajpur                                 SRDO                    Poultry farming, goatary,                   Income generation

(Jagatpur)                                                         kitchen garden     


Khurda                        GJS                              SHGs, mushroom farming                  Income generation


Dhenkanal        Indira Social Welfare Org    Candle manufacturing, SHG                Income generation



Angul                 Bajiraut Chhatrabas            Deep bore-well and hand pump,          Education;learn and

(Angul)                                                                                                                               earn