Interim Project Report

Name of the Project:

Reconstruction and repairs of damaged primary schools for restoration of normal school environment in cyclone devastated Ganjam district, Orissa


Implementing Organisation:            United Artists’ Association, Ganjam, Orissa, India


Supported By:                                   SEEDS, Portland, USA


Project Activity:                                Reconstruction of 4 cyclone devastated schools in Ganjam district.


Project Area:                                     Ganjam and Chatrapur block in Ganjam district.


Approval along with funds Received: 17. 08. 02


1st installment received:                     $ 2000/- (Rs. 96,071/-)

Start date:                                          01. 10. 02 (funds credited to our account)


The Problem


 On the fateful evening of 17th and early morning of 18th October 1999 a cyclonic storm destroyed the habitats of Ganjam district, which largely affected the villages on the coastal region and the hilly tracts. The worst affected are the primary school buildings, which are not maintained or repaired for a long time. The social workers of the various NGOs with the support of the Community Based Organisations (CBO) assessed the damage.

Some NGOs and INGOs have also taken up rehabilitation of public community assets like school buildings and community centers that were damaged by the cyclone. The Government with its own fund and prime ministers relief fund reconstructed some of the schools.

NGO initiative:


But some schools in rural and urban areas as well were remained untouched, which affected normal schooling. So United Artists’ Association with the support of Bharat Vikas Parishad prepared a proposal and submitted to SEEDS, USA for support. Realizing the situation the board of director of SEEDS accepted the proposal and released 1st installment to initiate the restoration work. A meeting of the partner organisations of concerned area are invited and appraised about the support and their cooperation to execute the work in true spirit was called upon.


Project objectives:                


i) Repair and reconstruction of cyclone damaged school buildings in the rural areas of Ganjam district.

ii) Provide normal schooling atmosphere to children in cyclone- affected primary schools in Ganjam district.

iii) Provide basic necessities to primary school children to learn effectively in a better school environment.




Project output:

Process adopted- Phase- I:


Soon after hearing the confirmation from seeds the Social workers of the organisation has initiated following steps were taken to make the project meaning ful.

1.      Community organisation: The social workers of the organisation/ volunteers of the partner NGOs were organized village meetings and explained the program and facilitated in formation of committee headed by the Head Master of the school to execute & monitor the reconstruction work. (Copy attached)

2.      A request letter to the concerned education authority was sent to inform them about the program and get permission to execute the work with the active participation of the community. (Copy attached)

3.      The Engineer of the organisation along with the mason identified by the community visited the site and prepared a material requirement statement.

4.      The committee has been appraised on the requirement of the material and encouraged to collect the same from local supply sites after confirming the reasonable cost and ensuring quality of materials.

5.      Construction work started after dismantling the damaged portions by the community volunteers in presence of the mason and the volunteers of the partner organisations.

Process adopted- Phase- II:

1.      The project engineer and social worker of the organisation visited the site to monitor quality of the work from time to time.

2.      During their visit the organize meeting the committee formed for the purpose and appraise them about the progress and guide them to reduce the weaknesses of the project.

3.      To look after the proper maintenance and functioning of the rebuild school and strengthen the unity among the families the volunteers of the partner organisation were encouraged to form/ strengthen SHGs involving mothers in the village.

4.      Collection of the savings and opening of bank passbook was done by the leaders of the SHGs with due facilitation of the social workers.

5.      The committee members of the schools were encouraged to invite district level officials to inaugurate the structure formally.

Out put:


1.      Schools building of the Primary school, Baurisah, Rambha in Ganjam Block has been completed and awaiting formal inauguration.

2.      School building of primary school, Gedala pali in Chatrapur Block is completed and awaiting inauguration.

3.      School building of Primary school Purunapatna in Chatrapur Block is under process of completion.

Deviation from the original plan:


1.      Gedalapali primary school was being adopted as the Govt. has taken up for reconstruction in a latter stage.

2.      Reconstruction of Garabaganda primary school has not yet been taken up due to shortage of fund.

    Problems encountered:


1.      Collection of the cheque submitted in our account was delayed abnormally which affected early starting of the work.

2.      Interventions of the local political guys hinder the early completion of the work.

   Steeps taken to mitigate the problems:


1.      The social workers along with the Secretary of the organisation visited the site, organized mass meeting & encouraged the committee members to face challenge the challenge the touts and gear up the construction work.

2.      A display board mentioning the support details were hang up to inform the nature and source of support and execution process in the construction side to counter the challenges thrown by the touts.

  Works ahead:


1.      Completion of the works of PurunapatnaSchool.

2.      Completion of the works of the GarabagandaSchool.

3.      Linking SHGs promoted in the project villages.

4.      Inauguration of the rebuild schools and handing over to the community for future use.

Un-audited Receipt & payment statement of the project











(in INR)


Name of the School






(in INR)


Support amount credited to our account after deducting collection charge by the bank

95, 653

Primary school Rambha

Material cost


Labour charges




Loan from General fund of UAA


Support cost



Sub- Total- 1



Primary school, Gedalapali

Material cost


Labour charges




Support cost


Sub- Total- 2



Primary School, Purunapatna

Material cost


Sub- Total- 3







Grand Total (1+2+3)




For and on behalf of United Artists’ Association



Mangaraj Panda, Secretary