Volunteering and research project visits during December, 2013

I report on a trip where I volunteered for two organizations: SEEDS (Sustainable Econ. and Edu. Development Society) and Pratham USA. I thank Intel Corp. for partially supporting my participation and paper presentation at the International Symposium on Electronic System Design (ISED) conference mentioned below.

Project Topics covered are:

  1. Berhampur Public Library site
  2. Phailin project in Rangailunda block/Garampeta
  3. Two Bolangir villages where Pratham work is on-going (no direct support of SEEDS)
  4. Kalinga Ashram for tribal orphan boys (no direct support of SEEDS)
  5. ISED-2013 conference in Singapore
  6. SEEDS scholarships for needy, meritorious post-secondary students from cyclone/flood-affected regions

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