Report on the Trainer’s Training of

Report on the Trainer’s Training of

Mahila Shanti Sena, Odisha


Date:  27th April to 29th April 2012

A state level Trainers Training  for Mahila Shanti Sena was organsied at HDF-School of Management at Trisulia, Cuttack from 27th April to 29th April 2012.  Twenty four Mahila Shanti Sena leaders from nine districts participated in the training programme on behalf of their organization working in different districts for all round development of women.

Smt Rashmi Mohanty, Secretary  of Unnayan inaugurated the training programme by lighting the candle before a photograph of Gandhiji.  Smt Rashmi Mohanty, Secretary-Unnayan, Ms Indira Mohanty and
Ms Rita Parida, resource person of MSS initiated the self introduction  and welcome process of passing on a bouquet from participant to participant.

Ms Indira sang a patriotic song and all  the participants present joined  in the singing. Choosing a friend among the MSS participants and sharing of feelings on the happiest moment of life was done through a game.

Smt Rashmi Mohanty, told  the purpose of organizing TOT for MSS and how  to empower women from the grassroots level to organize, develop, participate in the development process for creating a value based society.

Thereafter the rules and regulations for the smooth management of training programme was discussed and groups were formed to take responsibility for ;

1.       Fooding and accommodation

2.       Cleanliness

3.       Reporting

Next each participants  expressed what she  expected to learn during the three days training programme.  Three groups were formed and  qualities of a leader was discussed  by these three groups. The groups then presented their views  on a  leader’s qualities.

A game was  played by Ms Indira Mohanty on the selection of a leader. Friends were also selected through the animal game and shared their feelings  to all. There was a break for lunch.

Smt. Mohanty , in her discussion focused on the necessity of MSS in the present socio , political situation of Odisha by following the following important key points.

·         MSS to be encouraged to spread throughout the State;

·         MSS to bring its members together through documentation and improved communication;

·         MSS to create awareness of women's rights provided by law;

·         MSS to work for building good citizens;

·         MSS to work together and along with men;

·         MSS to mobilize support of other women’s groups on women issues;

·         MSS to emphasize the importance of women’s education and health;

Then Mr Nishikant Mohapatra, consultant and activist of RTI, discussed the RTI Act and women’s rights. After detailed discussion on RTI, he shared some success stories from different districts and provided each participant a RTI form, guiding every one in filling it up correctly. Sri Mohapatra requested everyone to use this form and seek information from the line departments who are cheating the public in the name of providing government services.

The 1st day training programme concluded with an Adibashi song by Anusaya.

The second day’s training programme started with a devotional song. All the participants then listen enthusiastically to the previous day’s report prepared by Pragyan paramita Pattnaik.

A few participants added some more information to the report and expressed their feelings one by one what they had learnt which was new and informative. Then all the participants stood up in a circle and lighting of candle was done through the passing on process. Ms.Rashmi Mohanty requested all to look at the flame of the candle and to remember past deeds, happy and sorrowful moments of life. She also requested members to forgive and forget the wrong doers who had given them pain.

This thinking and re-thinking session ended in calmness and peace. In the meantime Smt.Mohanty narrated  the life story of some distinguished women of Odisha and abroad who have remained in our memory for their noble work  for the cause of nation building. Their sacrifice, self confidence and fearlessness are qualities that have made them familiar , famous and important for now and in the days to come.

Like them we have to do noble work in an organized way through Mahila Shanti Sena. She mentioned the following.

•             MSS to encourage active participation in panchayats (village councils);

•             MSS to consider Collective nonviolent resistance to injustice;

•             Women empowerment goes hand in hand with finding ways and means to provide income and livelihood;

•             Alcohol related violence is considered to be most acute and needs immediate attention.

After a short tea break participants were divided into three  groups and discussed on the present problems of women and it’s possible solutions. Each group gave their  brief presentation on that.

Smt Rashmi Mohanty told the group that , in the present situation MSS will take the lead role to organize the women to face the  problem. She also described the purpose , formation and growth of the MSS.

Smt Sarojini Das of Jagatsinghpur shared her experience on the problems faced during working for the women at regional level. Then there was a break for lunch.

After one hour break all the participants came to the meeting place and enjoyed the song sang by Indira .
Smt Bharati Kabi narrated her experience on the work done by her and the success achieved through this process.

Regional problems and its solution was discussed in four groups and a brief presentation was done. With this the second day’s  training ended and all the participants went to the lawn to play a new game with Indira.

In the last day of the MSS training programme all the participants took their seat and listened to a Bhajan by Smt. Swarnalata Jena.

Report of the second day was read by Smt Sarojini Das and recapitulation was done by Smt Rashmi Mohanty.

Mock drill on conducting the TOT for MSS was conducted with responsibilities shared by the following.

Welcoming with bouquet                                             -              Pragyan

Facilitation in self introduction process                   -              Swarnalata

Rules & Regulation                                                          -              Sushila, Nirupama

Game                                                                                    -              Kalpana

Discussion on the quality of a leader                       -              Surava

Candle lighting                                                                  -              Sanjukta

Discussion on eminent women                                  -              Pratima

Problem faced by women                                            -              Gita

Other participants participated in and co-ordinated the training process. Then Smt.Mohanty recapitulate the history of MSS, formation, financial arrangement etc again . The oath taking ceremony took place at this point.

A District wise Action plan was prepared.  Smt Rashmi Mohanty, Secretary Unnayan thanked all the participants presents, guests and organizers for their participation and co-operation during the three days training programme.

Report prepared by: Satya Narayan Kar

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