Volunteering and research project visits during December, 2013

I report on a trip where I volunteered for two organizations: SEEDS (Sustainable Econ. and Edu. Development Society) and Pratham USA. I thank Intel Corp. for partially supporting my participation and paper presentation at the International Symposium on Electronic System Design (ISED) conference mentioned below.

Project Topics covered are:

  1. Berhampur Public Library site
  2. Phailin project in Rangailunda block/Garampeta
  3. Two Bolangir villages where Pratham work is on-going (no direct support of SEEDS)
  4. Kalinga Ashram for tribal orphan boys (no direct support of SEEDS)
  5. ISED-2013 conference in Singapore
  6. SEEDS scholarships for needy, meritorious post-secondary students from cyclone/flood-affected regions

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Garampetta Project

PROPOSAL ON LIVELIHOOD AND EDUCATION SUPPORT PROGRAMME FOR CYCLONE PHAILIN VICTIMS (GARAMAPETTA VILLAGE IN RANGAILUNDA BLOCK) The cyclone Phailin and subsequent flood wreaked havoc in Ganjam district. The Phailin cyclone may have drawn more attention but the incessant rains and the floods after that caused more devastation in Ganjam district. Read more…

Act Now! The Phailin Disaster

We need your generous help to support the mid- to long-term rehabilitation and restoration work following the devastating “super cyclone” Phailin that especially hit Odisha’s coastal districts hard on Oct 12, 2013. Super cyclone Phailin has left thousands and thousands of residents in South Odisha in complete disarray marked by a long trail Read more…